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His music runs the gambit of overall blues, soul, folk, rock, and singer songwriter; (pretty much the definition of Americana) with a little bit of Motown peppered in. For his musical debut to the world, he recorded his best songs from each year surviving the woes of a struggling artist in Los Angeles, (from 19 years old not knowing anyone, or pretty much anything of being away from home, and ready to live in his car) trying to make it on his own, even when his friends, and family thought him crazy… He never gave up! Spanning ten years, and ten songs of a true storyline album; living/breathing each an every note, lyric, and tone of these songs… You will hear not only the words, but the overall emotion of trying to step out on a tight rope, walk the impossible, and somehow by storm or by flood, make it to a brighter side of an ever growing difficult business. Here is an artist that refused to waste his pain, and put every bit of his poetry to music; mind and soul.